Yesterdays & Tomorrows

by Audrey on August 19th, 2013

Back in 2005, I was cleaning my porch in the middle of August and I noticed  some leaves were already falling.  It was still summer but the leaves were quietly whispering that autumn was just around the corner.
It was as if God impressed on my heart that the month of August and the season that it represented was where I was in my life.  Mid-August.  That’s when I was born.  And that is where I was.  Time passes.   And I often think about how time seems to slip through our fingers.  Imagine your life as I walk through some images of mine:
Yesterday I was a young girl growing up on a farm in rural South Carolina – running through the yard, playing with my cats.  Yesterday my mama and daddy moved their young family to North Carolina where I became a high school graduate getting ready to leave for college.  Yesterday I graduated from college and got married, moved permanently away from home.
Yesterday I had my first baby – yesterday I had my fifth baby.

Yesterday, I was gathering milkweed and we were watching butterflies grow.  Yesterday I was spending every moment with my children.  Sometimes exhausted.  Sometimes exhilarated.  

Yesterday I was giving birthday parties and supervising campouts in the yard.  Yesterday I was answering questions about all kinds of both serious and silly things - every single day.  Yesterday I was staying up late into the night reading reports and creating lesson plans.

Yesterday my oldest son grew up and left.  Yesterday my second son grew up and left.  Yesterday my daughter grew up and left.  

Yesterday I was giving rehearsal dinners and planning a wedding.

Yesterday my fourth child grew up and left.  Yesterday I was attending college graduations.  

Yesterday my baby graduated from high school. Yesterday I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary.

Yesterday, I welcomed my first grandchild and then my second and then . . . .
All these yesterdays . . . roll into tomorrows . . .
Tomorrow my last child will graduate from college and complete his transition from home.  

Tomorrow I’ll be 70 years old.  If I’m strong, I might live to be 80 or perhaps a little longer.  

Tomorrow Carl and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  Tomorrow my children will stand over my grave. 
All these tomorrows and all these yesterdays cause me to ask questions.  Questions like:

What if tomorrow never comes?  Have I wasted my life so far?   How will I spend my remaining years, be they few or many?   But mostly, how do I want to live TODAY?
Today - I am busy helping my husband as I have always done and helping my children and their children and helping my parents. Today I am busy with ministry in my home which overflows to ministry in my church. Today I am grandmothering and teaching women and young children and young women.   All these todays.  
As I've reached this August time of my life - I want God to continue building upon the foundation He has already laid.  I want to continue to encourage the young women who come behind me - beginning with my daughter and daughters-in-law. I want to continue to invest in the lives of my children's children.   I want to love them dearly and completely.
By God's grace, I will not waste my life.  I will rebel against the cultural images of the older generation who do nothing but play.  Oh but I do want to play -  with my grandchildren. 
The  only way I know to keep on track is to have my heart and mind  turned wholly, continually, completely toward God.  
When I fill my mind with the truth from Him, He clears  my vision, He strips away the dross, gives me focus, He sharpens my perspective, He helps me  spend my time on things that really matter. 

So now it's August of 2013.  And I think about how much this country has changed since I was a young girl on that farm.  It's alarming.

Yet as I give my alarmed thoughts to the God Who reigns,  He brings Psalm 78 in clear focus.  He always brings Psalm 78 to my mind.    God has not changed and He still calls His people to proclaim and live His truth through every season of their lives regardless of the culture in which they live.  He is the One who says that His people are to open their mouths and tell the generation to come the praises of the Lord.  We are to tell of His strength and His wondrous works that He has done.  We are to teach God's truth to our children so that the generation to come might know, even the children yet to be born, that they should put their confidence in God and not forget the works of God.

How encouraging to be a part of God's plan for the ages.  How encouraging to know that He is on His throne -  and He reigns.  He has reigned for those believers who walked the seasons of their lives before me. He reigns in this August season of my life.  And He will reign for those believers who will walk every season of their lives after me.

God, You reign.


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delana - August 22nd, 2013 at 4:05 PM
Love this...
Jennifer - December 10th, 2019 at 6:26 AM
I think I know why it is "August". I too, this past August, started to reflect on so many yesterdays. I think it's because I homeschooled and there is just something about the changing leaves and cooler temperatures that remind me of those first days of homeschooling and it brings back so many memories. My baby just graduated HS this past May and when August hit it hit me like a brick that there were no more little babies to homeschool. Right now there are no grandbabies and It's a tough season.

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